A Connecticut native, Ashley Flagg has lived in various parts of New England, and began her handspun yarn business in 2007 while living in Palo Alto, CA.

Ashley has a strong commitment to the art of making things with one's own hands that are both functional and beautiful, as well as ecologically sustainable. Many of her yarns are made from natural wool and vegetable fibers, such as soy silk or bamboo, and whenever possible, fleeces are purchased directly from local farmers.

By making handspun yarns, she hopes to give others who enjoy the arts of knitting, weaving and crocheting the satisfaction of knowing that their projects are authentically hand-made at all levels. A descendant of the Mayflower Pilgrim spinner Priscilla Mullins, Ashley seeks to keep this ancient women's tradition alive as a dynamic and creative art in the 21st century, and teaching spinning to others is a source of deep joy.